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Clothilde, encaustic 5x5x1.5 (Vigeant collection)


Hazel, encaustic 5.5x5.5 (Woodman collection)

140 gift

Mermaid, encaustic 5.5x5.5 (Fusions Gallery)

79donated to Marine Sci Ctr

MonaDear, encaustic 10x8 (private collection)

Spot, encaustic 5x5 (Fusions Gallery)

side view


Bumblebee, encaustic 5x5 (Rockwater)

Hazel, II encaustic 5.5x5.5 (Star collection)


side view

Pink Pony, encaustic/image transfer 5x5

Pink Pony, encaustic/image transfer 5x5 (Ellingsen collection)

Dragonfly Dance II, encaustic triptych, 5x15 (Beahan collection)

85 ea. 255 allgift

Queenie Jr., encaustic/iridescent minerals 8x8 (Gaines collection)

gift for Claire

Turtle, encaustic 5x5 (Ellingsen collection)

Daisy II, encaustic 5x5 (private collection)

side view

Daisy, encaustic 5x5 (Strom-Avilla collection)

side view

Green Rooster, encaustic/image transfer 5x5 (private collection)

side view

Cock-a-Doodle-Doo, encaustic 5x5 (Cole collection)

Wise Old Uncle, encaustic 5x5 (Heirloom Toys collection)

For Alice, encaustic/image transfer 5x5 (private collection)

Bluebird of Happiness II, encaustic, 7x7x1.5 (private collection)

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