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BFFs, oil 8x10


Crow Quill Night Owls, mixed media on wood block 8x10 (Chandler collection)


 • Lake Chelan, oil 30x40 (Balassa collection)

My mother could not swim and was afraid of the water -- wading only this far with her ever-present cigarette (she gave up her beloved smoking in her early 30's at my oldest brother's urging). Thanks mom!


Airstream Alice, oil, mixed media 10x8

325 43 framing

Teardrop, oil, mixed media 10x8

Here we are camping; you can see my beautiful mother here, with us three children in the background in front of our little trailer, which I think was called a Teardrop.  We had so much fun in our little trailer -- oh the simpler days!

325 43 framing

Shyla, mixed media 8x8 (Byrd collection)

PopTart, oil 20x16 (Asadorian / Meyers collection)

Selected for Collective Visions Gallery 2011 Annual Juried Show

1100 trade for Myosphere

March Hare, oil on wood block 10x8225

Yellow Dress, oil/encaustic/mixed media 6.5x6.5x1.5

My mother is actually pregnant here, I love her sunny face in her sunny dress.


World's Fairest 1962 (Seattle), acrylic on wood block 6.5x6.5

My mother at the World's Fair, Seattle in 1962, when I was a baby (as seen in October 2010 American Art Collector magazine).


Annika, oil on wood block 10x8 (Thornburg collection)


 • Amazing Grace, mixed media 8x10 (Gaines collection)

Disneyland 1960, mixed media 18x18 (private collection)

My mother holding my brother at Disneyland, she was pregnant with me.

Kitten, oil 16x12

From photo by: Camera Bandit, Clothing: Fab Gabs Vintage Co., Model: Solanah Cornell.   425 (950 Pratt did not auction)

Debutantes, oil 36x36 (Piehl collection)

 My cousins - from left to right - Desiree, Peggy Sue, Penelope, Laurie (clutching her blanket as usual) and me at a family gathering after my Aunt Jeanne's first wedding.  There was plenty of the universal language of giggling as we watched the bride and groom dance. 

(as seen in October 2010 American Art Collector magazine)

2200/1400 Bud/Sindy 2013 xmas gift

Lake Chelan Study, oil, mixed media 10x8 (Walters collection)

(as seen in October 2010 American Art Collector magazine)


Cabellero, oil, mixed media 24x24 (private collection)

The whole family heading out to Boulder, Colorado to see relatives in our Buick Cabellero -- stylish!


Indispensible, mixed media on wood block 8x10 (Oliver / DiMaggio collection)

190 trade to Laurette or sale to Oliver

Somers, mixed media (oil/acrylic) 8x10 (Somers collection)

Chamomile, mixed media on wood block 8x10 (Sweet Laurette's collection)


Swan, oil, mixed media 10x8 (Burrata Bistro collection)

325 43 framing

Uncle Jim, acrylic/mixed media on wood block 8x8 (Piehl collection)

We miss you, Uncle Jim.

175 xmas Tom 2013

Arctic Bill, acrylic on wood block 8x8 (Thornburg collection)


Faithful, oil/encaustic/mixed media 8x8 (Thornburg collection)


Lisa and Ryan, acrylic 8x8 (Willett collection)


 • Gary as Elvis, acrylic 8x10

gift for Gary's bday

Avila, oil on wood block 8x10 (Strom/Avila collection)


Birds and Bees, oil/encaustic/mixed media 6.5x6.5x1.5 (private collection)

My father grew up on Bainbridge.  This is from a rare photo of him with his father, who was very handsome.   He disappeared and was never found.


Arrival, oil/encaustic/mixed media 7x7

I will never forget the moment when my cousins Terri and Laura arrived from Colorado in Uncle Jim's little jet. Both of our fathers were pilots. They literally burst out of the plane in their matching ensembles; the party had arrived!  Sadly, we lost our wonderful Laura to a heart problem.


Bringing in the Sheaves, encaustic/mixed media 10x8 (Obergottsberger)225

Portal, encaustic/mixed media 10x8 from photo by Bryna Hoffmeister (Sweeney collection)


Florence, oil/encaustic/mixed media 6x5x1.5 (private collection)

My Swedish maternal grandmother.  She had thirteen children!  My hat is off to you, Grandma!


Lost, encaustic/mixed media 8x4.5 (Pagosa Springs Art Gallery)


Reunion, encaustic/mixed media 8x4.5 (Savella collection)


Red Mittens, oil/mixed media 8x4.5 (Pagosa Springs Art Gallery)



Paddleboard Dan, encaustic/mixed media 6x6 (Carratturo collection)


 Pearl, Encaustic 8x10 (Sweet Laurette's collection)

150 trade to laurette

Sutton Family, mixed media 8x10 (Sutton collection)

Dorothy, Peggy & Myrtle, encaustic/mixed media 10x8 (Read)


Superheroes Series

The Outlaw, encaustic, oil, mixed media 18x12


Superman, encaustic, oil, mixed media 18x12


Spidermen, encaustic, oil, mixed media 18x12



Red Jacket 1, encaustic/hand tinted photo transfer 8x6.5x2 (Private Collection)

Red Jacket 1a, encaustic/hand tinted photo transfer 8x6.5x2

Red Jacket 2, encaustic/hand tinted photo transfer 8x6x2

Lake Chelan, encaustic/hand tinted photo transfer 7x7x2 (Heirloom Toys collection)

Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil, encaustic/hand tinted photo transfer 7x7x2 (Heirloom Toys collection)

Cabellero, encaustic/hand tinted photo transfer 7x7x2 v

Tea Lake, encaustic/hand tinted photo transfer 7.25x9.75x1 (private collection)

Spidermen II, encaustic/hand tinted photo transfer 7.25x9.75x1 (private collection)


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The Director, graphite 16x20 (from photo) (private collection)


wpe18.jpg (53752 bytes)

Charlie, charcoal 20x16 (from photo) (private collection)

wpeD.jpg (12891 bytes)wpeA.jpg (70795 bytes)

Mariia, charcoal 14x11 (from photo, right) commissioned by her 6 children to memorialize her during their 2005 Hispanic mother's day celebration.  (De Luna collection)

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Alice, charcoal 11x8.5 (from photo) (private collection)

wpe2.jpg (107067 bytes)

Russian Ballerina, charcoal 10x8 (private collection) (limited reproductions available)

wpe1C.jpg (120840 bytes)

Japanese Fisherman, charcoal 15x12 (private collection) (limited reproductions available)

wpe3.jpg (58930 bytes)

Hiawatha at Oso Beach, charcoal 9x12 (private collection)

wpe1E.jpg (96085 bytes)

Wicked, charcoal 16.5x17.5 (private collection)

wpe6.jpg (50028 bytes)

Alice, charcoal 20x16 (from photo, private collection)

Dubos Children, charcoal 17x11 (from photos, Dubos collection)


wpe2.jpg (81897 bytes)wpeC.jpg (92820 bytes)

Sad Woman, pastel 14x12.  (Director's Gallery) When I told the model she looked sad, she said "I am sad.  I'm sad about the state of the world."   This portrait was featured in the 6 Kitsap County-wide papers in "What's Up" and also in the Kitsap  Sun "Arts and Entertainment."  Received 2nd Place/Honorable Mention at the 9/05 Silverdale Art Walk. 

wpeB.jpg (64299 bytes)

Mother Gloria, pastel 14x11 (from photo, Little Sisters of St. Claire collection) completed for presentation at her 90th birthday celebration.  Here are her thoughts on the arts.

The Arts

Music is the voice of the soul

Dance is the rhythm of the soul

Painting is the mirror of the soul

Drama is the enactment of the soul

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Christine, pastel 14x12 (live sitting) see right for a photo of model


Sonya, oil 16x12 (Pritchett collection)

(from photo by Heather Hood


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Pat II, oil 9x12 Pat III, oil 9x12 (Hargreaves collection)

wpe22.jpg (65010 bytes)

Cebe, mountain climber, oil 20x16 (live sitting) (Heirloom Toys collection).

wpe26.jpg (83019 bytes)

Judi Character Study, oil 7x5

Kongi, oil 8x10 (Piehl collection)

Kongi is a ten year old girl from the Hamar tribe in Ethiopia. The Hamar are one of the oldest cultures on earth. They live in the southwest corner of Ethiopia where Lucy, the oldest humanoid, was found. Today, however, the Hamar are on the verge of extinction because climate change has brought drought to their homeland. The ways of their ancestors are no longer enough to keep them alive.

This painting was done to raise money for an organization called Global Team for Local Initiatives (GTLI) which is working with the Hamar to help them adapt to the changing world while keeping their ancient culture intact.

For more information about the Hamar and GTLI go to

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